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For those clients who already operate online we would always recommend an audit of your web presence. Our staff can come in and look website, online stores, social media etc, to ascertain how customer friendly and usable your offering is.

The audit will also help to identify and remove dated content, such as out-of-date offers, articles which are no longer current as well as old branding etc - all of which can leave visitors to your site with a poor impression.

In addition we can provide a full analysis of the site in in terms of reach, footfall, search engine ratings etc and identify your key drivers of traffic - allowing you to concentrate resources on the areas which deliver the best return.

star iconContent - keeping things fresh

Any website is going to succeed or fail based upon your ability to provide relevant and timely content. As well as engaging visitors and providing consumers with the necessary information to make a sale, updating and renewing the content of your website is the key driver in your search engine rankings.

It is a cliché but for websites 'Content is King'. Good design is of course very important and most people can recognise good design especially if it's using their branding. Good content is vitalRead more >>

A company which invests in a shiny new website that launches to great fanfare but then never adds fresh content will fail to engage with their customers and the time and money spent will be wasted.

Here at Blue Cow our team can help you source and manage your website content. Services include the identification and writing of company or industry news and features; uploading of fresh news and pictures on a regular and timely basis to maximise visitor numbers; pro-actively removing dead links and dated articles; and working with you to develop fresh ways we can get your website noticed.

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If you are interested in getting your website audited and finding out how it could be improved then please Get in Touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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