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If you are unsure how robust your IT systems are or if you have any concerns regarding performance, security, disaster recovery, etc then you should consider getting Blue Cow to do an IT audit for you. What is an IT Audit? Much like a financial audit, an IT audit looks in detail at your systems and processes to ensure that they work well are not a risk to your business. Blue Cow look at all aspects of your IT infrastructure and identify potential or actual risks to your business, recommendations to fix any problems and opportunities for improvement. Let’s look at this in a bit more detail.

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Your staff and colleagues are obviously crucial to the success of your business so our IT audit can be tailored to include a short, informal interview with your team. This will let us assess their IT competence and understand what IT equipment they use and how they are using it. The interview allows us to look for training and can also highlight potential improvements to business processes that could be made. Appropriate training can be a cost-effective means of getting more mileage out of existing systems and make your staff more effective as they can broaden their role or take on more tasks.

There are many examples of how this information could be put to good use such as providing sales staff with training in Excel allowing them to better interrogate financial reports, rather than investing in a costly business reporting tool. Similarly Excel training may help back-office staff produce better quality reports more rapidly or in more detail.

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As part of the audit Blue Cow will look at all the critical hardware that you have in use. This would typically be your laptops and desktops, printers, networking equipment, servers and mobile devices. This information is useful in itself, allowing you to get an appreciation of the investment in IT your business has made and this could assist with any budget considerations, insurance cover and deprecation costs.

We’ll check that the equipment is in good repair with no obvious electrical problems. We’ll also consider how secure the equipment is and that it does not pose a risk to your staff either through bad placement or exposed cabling.

Our IT audit will provide you with a list of recommendations of systems which could be replaced to better fit your business & IT needs and what the cost implications are for you. We’ll also detail which systems need to be updated or upgraded and an estimate of the time and cost for this. If you have not already done so we would recommend that you have your IT assets security tagged to deter thieves and aid in their recovery if they are stolen.

Lastly we will look to see if there are any cost-effective solutions where adding new hardware to your infrastructure could lead to business benefits. Examples here might be; guest Wi-Fi access for your offices; a networked printer to replace multiple individual desktop printers and setting up remote access to allow staff to connect from home.

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In the audit we will look at the software you use in the business on a regular basis. We’ll check that the software is up-to-date and if there are any critical patches missing that would leave it vulnerable to security threats. Where possible we will also check that you have the correct licenses in place to use the software.

The IT audit report will detail what updates are necessary to your software, we’ll provide costs to either add software licenses if required or for upgrades to existing software to update it to the current version. If possible we will recommend additional software that could be added to assist your business operations for little or no cost.

The goal is to highlight any vulnerabilities from your IT setup from using out-of-date software and the business risk of legal action should you use unlicensed software.

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settings iconSecurity, Business Risk & Resilience

Some aspects of business risk such as out-of-date software or old hardware have already been covered but our IT audit will pull these factors together along with some other factors to determine how secure your IT infrastructure is.

It’s obviously important that you staff and colleagues are well trained in using their computers for day-to-day work but educating them on the risks to the business of downloading and installing software, opening suspicious emails, etc. is a worthwhile addition in protecting your business. Where possible we would recommend implementing proper procedures and ‘Dos and Don’ts’ so that staff are clear on what they can and can’t use the business computers for. Clear policies help to minimize risks.

It is important that your business IT resilience is considered – can you continue to function if a critical computer fails and how quickly would it need to be back in action? Do you backup any important files and are you sure you are backing everything up correctly? Can you operate without an internet connection? Blue Cow will look at potential points on failure in your IT and recommend actions dependent on your business needs and IT set-up.

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