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Most businesses now have an internet connection allowing their desktops and laptops to browse the internet, collect email, etc and your organisation may be in this position. Using the internet is increasingly important to the functioning of a business but you must ensure the security of your computers and make sure that they connect to the internet safely and securely and are not exposed to viruses, hackers or any other unnecessary disruption that could negatively impact operations.

As well as an external connection, your organisation may have a local area network (LAN) perhaps to access a local server or shared printer. 


In normal operation networks are stable and run with little need for management, it is only when components or cabling fails that they can begin to hamper business activity. 

Blue Cow can help to manage or support your network by keeping the components maintained or upgrading any older devices so you can take advantage of newer technology that offers better performance; better security or improved speeds. 

Microsoft windows LogoMicrosoft Domain/Active Directory

If you have a small local domain we can maintain this for you; adding and removing users and computers, adding network printers, etc.

We can also implement best practices including:

  • Strengthening security with better passwords
  • Automating the installation of software such as Java and Adobe Flash
  • Using policies to restrict certain user actions such as installing software

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