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Blue Cow has 20 year's experience in providing IT support to a variety of business sectors and we pride ourselves on providing a professional and personable service. We have the technical know-how to provide top-notch support with the minimum of technobabble.

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If you a small business with a modest collection of laptop and desktops the chances are that you've spent more time than you have cared to trying to fix what looks like a simple printer problem but isn't. With multiple business pressures to contend with, dealing with a frustrating IT issue is an added problem you just don't need.

Blue Cow can help resolve these problems for you either as a one-off fix for which we'll quote you an up-front price or, if you engage us as your IT Management package we'll fix it as part of a monthly service contract.

So if you are struggling getting a printer to work, install a new program, remove viruses or a host of other problems - why not get in touch and see if we can help.

We can't cover every possible area where IT support might benefit your company so the following information gives you some examples of where our input might benefit you.

Microsoft Office LogoMicrosoft Office Support

We can help you get the most of your Excel spreadsheets and Word documents and Access databases. You'll almost certainly use these programs every day but are your files all fit for purpose?  

Besides fixing any problems you have we can also provide your staff with training so that they can get the best use out of these packages.

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network iconNetwork Support

Blue Cow can help you with the maintenance and configuration of your local network and your internet connection. Whether you just need someone to connect a new laptop to your domain; manage the upgrade of your internet connection to something a little beefier or if you don't have a network at all and want to get started then we have the experience you need.

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