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Blue Cow provides a cost-effective IT management service that is ideal for small charities, foundations and advocacy groups for whom budgets are often tight.

If you are in one of these smaller organisations you may be using older equipment which has been donated, with perhaps a potential mishmash of make & models. In addition, your software versions may vary on each computer which can be a headache for the volunteers and charity staff who need to use them.  

Older equipment and software is more prone to failure so there is a higher risk of losing data when something breaks. As well as being a potential disruption to your organisation, older equipment can make you more vulnerable to hackers.

management iconIT Management for Peace of Mind

With our IT Management service we look to reduce the risk to your organisation from having a vulnerable IT set-up and we'll look at cost-effective ways to improve your IT infrastructure so that you can get the best out of it.

As part of this service we will do an IT audit of your systems to see where the vulnerabilities are how we might mitigate them.

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We'll do regular on-site visits providing friendly, face-to-face support for your organisation while working to improve your set-up to an agreed, budgeted plan. You get regular support and advice, see potential risks being minimised and get tangible improvements to your systems. 

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help iconFriendly and professional IT support

When something goes wrong you with your systems you want it resolved quickly as possible so you can focus on your advocacy. Blue Cow can provide on-site and remote IT support to help.

We'll help your back-office operations with IT Support and work to improve your processes and systems so that you can focus you efforts on doing your charitable work.

Support is included in our IT Management service but if you have a specific one-off issue you would like us to resolve, please Get in Touch and we'll provide you with a quote.

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world iconWebsite & social media

If you are just getting started we can help you get your social media presence off the ground and, if needed, create a website for you as well. If you are already using social media we can help to keep it fresh by managing your accounts, freeing up your staff and volunteers to focus on your advocacy, client support and outreach.

We can do this either as a one-off project or, as part of our IT Management service we can create a new presence for you or develop any existing pages or sites you have. 

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If you are interested in talking to us about how we can help you, please Get in Touch with us.

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