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Many small organisations now use a variety of IT systems in order to support their core operations. Laptops, PCs and smartphones are ubiquitous but companies also use systems ranging from social media for sales and marketing, spreadsheets & databases for business processes and reporting, to storing their data in the Cloud and much more.

Blue Cow aims to help small organisations get the best from their IT, we provide support primarily

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Many small businesses and organisations face the same IT challenges as larger counterparts but they cannot afford to employ a full-time IT Manager or IT Team to support their systems or to develop an IT strategy to assist in achieving their business goals.

With our IT Management service Blue Cow IT would become the de facto IT Manager for your company, typically providing a half-day to a day a week of on-site or remote support as you require to best support your business.

We take a longer term view of your business operations to develop an IT strategy helping you to improve and develop processes that make you more efficient, save money and help your staff to be more effective in their roles.

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help iconFriendly and professional IT support

Many IT support companies are already available to fix common IT issues and Blue Cow IT can provide this facility as well. However, we believe that where small businesses really need help is making best use of their current IT infrastructure and making cost-effective changes that lead to real business improvements.

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If your company does not have social media presence such as Facebook or a website we can help you get your online presence off the ground. If you are already using social media we can help with the maintenance of it, freeing up your staff to focus on your core business activities.

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